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Opposition to Clean Water Act Loophole

On June 7th, Clean Water Action’s National Field Canvass delivered 390 postcards and over 800 letters to the Environmental Protection Agency from Clean Water Action members across the country in opposition to the Administration’s proposed loophole to the Clean Water Act.

The EPA announced on April 15 that it would not protect surface waters contaminated with pollution that first moves through groundwater. Many of the public comments delivered points out how it makes no sense for the Clean Water Act to cover pollution dumped from a pipe into a river, but not pollution that flows through groundwater into that same river. Current law requires polluters to be held accountable when chemicals or other pollutants they dump in groundwater flow into surface waters. The EPA should immediately withdraw this loophole protecting corporate polluters and instead work to protect communities from harmful water pollution by keeping in place regulations already challenged and upheld in numerous federal courts.

Thank you to all our members around the country writing letters and younger water activists drawing pictures, for speaking out on this new attack on the Clean Water Act and speaking up for the health of our nation’s rivers, lakes, and bays.