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Endorsements for the 2018 Pennsylvania Primary

We're proud to announce our endorsements in the 2018 Pennsylvania Primary on Tuesday, May 15.

Congress: (New districts)

District 2: Brendan Boyle

District 3: Dwight Evans

District 4: Madeleine Dean

District 5: Greg Vitali

State Senate:

District 4: Art Haywood

District 38: Stephanie Walsh

State House:

District 20: Adam Ravenstahl

District 21: Sara Innamorato

District 30: Kareem Kandil

District 175: Michael O'Brien

District 177: Joseph Hohenstein

District 178: Helen Tai

District 200: Chris Rabb

Endorsements for U.S. Congress

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District 2: Brendan Boyle

As a U.S. Representative, Brendan helped secure funding for environmental restoration and health studies to support communities dealing with drinking water contaminated by perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). Prior to his election to Congress, he worked for several years as a consultant with the U.S. Department of Defense and served six years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 170th District. He’ll continue to fight for clean and safe drinking water issues if re-elected.

District 3: Dwight Evans

As a U.S. Representative, Dwight publicly pushed back on efforts to repeal the Clean Water Rule and will continue to make this and other laws protecting our waterways an issue if re-elected. Prior to serving in Congress he worked as a teacher in the School District of Philadelphia, as a community activist for the Urban League, and represented the 203rd District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

District 4: Madeleine Dean

If elected, Madeleine Dean will put conservation before exploitation of our natural resources, and will support robust funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, who oversee essential water and health protections. Since 2012, Madeleine has represented the 153rd District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, scoring 100% on our most recent state legislature scorecards. Prior to that she served as an Abington Township Commissioner.

District 5: Greg Vitali

Greg Vitali is known by many as the leading environmental voice in the state legislature. In 1992, he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 166th District and has been a member of the House Environmental Resource and Energy Committee for the bulk of that time. Greg has been a strong voice against the huge influence of the oil and gas industry in Harrisburg, working to eliminate polluters’ money from our political system. If elected, Greg will take his expertise and 100% environmental voting record to Washington D.C. where he’ll make efforts to combat climate change his top priority.

Endorsements for the Pennsylvania legislature

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State Senate, District 4: Art Haywood

Art has been a leading advocate for addressing lead hazards, including introducing legislation to require every school be tested for lead in water, paint, and soil prior to the start of the school year. He earned 100% on our most recent state legislative scorecard. Art previously worked saving families from home foreclosure, assisting nonprofit organizations to create affordable housing, and representing organizations focused on community revitalization through the improvement of education, affordable housing and business development. He also served for 5 years as Township Commissioner in Cheltenham and started Sustainable Cheltenham.

State Senate, District 38: Stephanie Walsh

Stephanie  is a former organizer with Clean Water Action. If elected, Stephanie will protect our waterways by supporting the Commonwealth’s Growing Greener program which restores abandoned mines, improves the health and stability of damaged waterways, and conserves threatened open space. She has a master’s degree in Public Policy and worked as a budget analyst for the Colorado State Legislature as well as for a Pittsburgh consulting firm that helps state governments be more effective and efficient.

State House, District 20: Adam Ravenstahl

Adam has advocated for increased funding for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and for strengthening penalties on industries that violate our environmental laws. He has also co-sponsored legislation to provide increased investments for environmental conservation, recreation, and preservation projects as well as legislation requiring the testing of school drinking water for lead. His greatest support though has come at home in the Neville Island area. After meeting with constituents and environmental advocates about the Shenango Coke Works site, he wrote to DTE Energy urging them to remediate and repurpose the site so that a solar farm could be built in its place and the improved air quality could be maintained.

State House, District 21: Sara Innamorato

Sara’s professional background is rooted in environmental issues. She worked for GTECH Strategies, where she helped communities build public green spaces to offset stormwater and educated residents about energy efficiency programs. She eventually started her own business where she partnered early on with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority's Green Infrastructure Department to help older residents participate in the design process of bioswales. If elected, Sara will work to reduce the burden of stormwater on our sewer system by pursuing increased state funding for local green infrastructure projects and legislation implementing a runoff fee for developers.

State House, District 30: Kareem Kandil

Kareem’s campaign platform includes a commitment to support plans to reach 100% renewable energy in Pennsylvania by promoting the construction of wind and solar power farms, and improving energy efficiency statewide. Kareem Kandil has a degree in Bioengineering and worked primarily in healthcare to increase efficiency and drive down costs in a chronically wasteful system.

State House, District 178: Helen Tai

Helen is committed to preventing fracking from occurring in the Delaware River basin and ensuring that chemical waste produced elsewhere does not end up in the Delaware or any place where it could contaminate our drinking water. She is in her fifth year on the Solebury Township board of supervisors. She has also been active in the community partnering with a local private school and a watershed association to pressure DEP to enforce regulations at the local quarry that had been ruled a public nuisance.

State House, District 200: Chris Rabb

Chris has been a champion for the environment during his short time in office. He is a founding member of the House Climate Caucus and introduced legislation to move Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Chris previously served as a legislative staffer in the U.S. Senate, and a writer and trainer for the White House Conference on Small Business during the Clinton administration. He also ran a nationally acclaimed urban business incubator in West Philadelphia.

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. To find your polling location click here.