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I’m with Her (Mother Earth): A Climate Affair

If you open up your social media feed you’ll probably notice a lot of news about incredible young people doing powerful things to influence policy, make the world a better place, or just being awesome. The youth are our future, which is why Clean Water Action decided to start a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). We’ve had a great time meeting with folks of different ages and backgrounds to work on and discuss many of the issues Clean Water works to address on a daily basis.

But now it’s time that all of you meet this amazing group of people. They are passionate about broadening the discussion of environmental justice and the solutions to address injustice. Come by and support their networking party as they introduce themselves officially to the climate and organizing world.

What are YAB members most looking forward to?

  • I'm looking forward to meeting new people just as passionate about climate justice as we are. - Laura Bernstein Torres
  • I’m looking forward to meeting cool and excited youth activists and hearing the different projects going on around Massachusetts. - Bolaji Olagbegi
  • I'm most looking forward to meeting like-minded peers that are willing to share their experiences surrounding the environmental issues our generation is faced with, particularly within the Boston area. - Riddhi Samtani

What do you hope people get out of the experience?

  • I hope people make new connections and leave even more motivated to continue fighting for environmental justice. And, who knows, maybe some new projects will arise from the event! - Laura Bernstein Torres
  • I hope the event will give me a stronger sense of community within the youth movement going on around me, and expect to leave inspired. - Bolaji Olagbegi
  • I'm hoping to walk away with the promise of collaboration from newfound relationships that are committed to strengthening the youth voice in environmental and social justice issues within the Boston community. - Riddhi Samtani


What: I’m with Her (Mother Earth): A Climate Affair; An event to foster a youth conversation surrounding current issues, and to empower the leaders of tomorrow. Come share your stories and experiences as we continue to fight for environmental justice, both individually and as a community. There will be music and games, as well as food and beverages. Read on to hear what some of the YAB members are most looking forward to on Friday.

When: Friday, April 20th from 6 pm-8 pm

Where: Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA (across from the Park Street T Station)