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It’s Election Day: Be a Clean Water Voter!

Voters across Virginia today will be choosing a new governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, along with all 100 seats in the House of Delegates.

This election is so critical. Clean Water members know how important water is to our economy, health and quality of life in the Commonwealth. You’re not just deciding who the Governor and Delegates will be. Today you will make decisions about Virginia’s future and the progress we make cleaning up our rivers, streams and the Chesapeake Bay.

The choice is clear: Ralph Northam for Governor

Ralph will stand up and stand with you to protect clean water and public health while taking action to fight climate change and sea level rise. He will support funding for water quality initiatives to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay, protect freshwater aquifers from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and invest in renewable energy.

In contrast, his opponent, Ed Gillespie, made his fortune working for the fossil fuel industry. He favors robust fossil fuel extraction and refuses to address climate change or carbon emissions as causes to coastal flooding and sea level rise. Gillespie has investments in Dominion Energy and received hefty funding from donors in the oil and gas industry. Acme, a corporation that handed Gillespie $3 million to lobby in Washington, has received over 50 warning from the Environmental Protection Agency.

We need leaders who will protect our environment and communities. That is why a vote for Ralph Northam is a vote to protect clean water. Learn more about Ralph here.

Kathleen Murphy for State House District 34

Our next governor will need allies in the General Assembly to defend vital safeguards for clean water and public health, while taking action to fight climate change. Kathleen Murphy has been a strong voice in the House of Delegates. During the 2017 legislative session, Delegate Murphy got it right every time – voting for clean energy, vital funding for the Chesapeake Bay, and supporting sensible transportation options for Northern Virginia.

We need leaders who will defend vital safeguards for clean water and public health, while taking action to fight climate change. Kathleen Murphy will protect open space in Northern Virginia, invest in Metro and clean energy technology, and defend the Clean Water Rule.

In contrast, her opponent, Cheryl Buford, has no plan to address climate change, protect communities from fracking or make investments in green energy technology.

We need clean water leaders in the General Assembly who will address climate change and support funding for green infrastructure to reduce polluted runoff in developed areas. That is why a vote for Kathleen Murphy is a vote to protect clean water. Learn more about Kathleen here.

Long-term wins for the environment begin at the ballot box

Too much is at stake to sit this one out. Your vote is critical to building the clean water movement here in Virginia, from expanding clean energy to safeguarding clean water and open spaces. We can make a difference, but only if we show up together in force.

Elections matter. Clean Water Voters take action and communicate with legislators to ensure clean water interests remain well represented in the General Assembly. Every year, Clean Water members and allies successfully help protect the Chesapeake Bay, open space, farmland, and historic sites during Virginia’s legislative sessions.

In Virginia, the General Assembly meets annually, beginning on the second Wednesday in January, for 60 days in even-numbered years. During this time, the State’s legislators introduce legislation on a variety of issues and must work together to pass a budget for the year ahead. With the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Session approaching, Clean Water is putting together an ambitious plan to advocate for important legislation that will protect and preserve the environment:

Cleaning up Coal Ash Waste and Toxic Pollution from Coal Plants: Support stronger oversight that prevents utilities from implementing closure plans which “cap-in-place” coal ash impoundments where groundwater is in contact with a portion of the waste.

Protecting and Restoring Virginia’s Streams, Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay: Support budget appropriation of $50 million annually for stormwater obligations.

Funding for Cost Effective Agricultural Best Management Practices: Support fully funding the Virginia Agricultural Cost-share Program (VACS).

Protecting Communities from the Industrial Gas Development and High-Volume Fracking: Oppose efforts to weaken current environmental, health and safety laws and regulations protecting water quality.

Your Vote Matters

Today you get to vote help build momentum for a cleaner and greener Virginia. Polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. Find your local polling location here and go vote!

The people we elect today will either stand with us to protect clean water and act on climate or not Let's make sure they stand with us.

Thank you for caring about clean water and for voting for clean water candidates Ralph Northam and Kathleen Murphy today.

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