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Trump Won - But There is Good News

This is not the message I planned on writing.

We all know what happened at the top of the ticket. President-Elect Donald Trump is a unique threat to our environment.  He will be the only world leader who doesn't acknowledge climate change, has promised to appoint industry execs to key agencies, and threaten to revoke the Clean Power Plan and the Clean Water Rule. He'll also have the support of a Republican Congress due to some unfortunate losses in Senate races in Pennsylvania, Florida and elsewhere.

But there was some good news:

  • We made the difference in carrying New Hampshire for Secretary Clinton and in the New Hampshire Senate race. Governor Maggie Hassan has unseated incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte with a margin less than 700 votes!
  • In New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, we helped Josh Gottheimer win, unseating incumbent  Scott Garrett who scored 0% in our last two scorecards. We spoke with nearly 59,000 people and ID’d more than 10,000 voters in the district.
  • Josh Shapiro, a long time friend of Clean Water from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will be that state’s next Attorney General; and another friend won re-election as the state’s Auditor General.
  • We took on big plastic in California and upheld the state's landmark ban on single-use plastic bags.
  • And our endorsed state and local candidates did well in a number of states, including Rhode Island, Michigan, Massachusetts, even in Texas!

What is Clean Water going to do? Everything we can. We'll continue to lead the way on drinking water at a state and national level. We'll continue to work with the front line communities most at risk from the oil and gas industry. We'll keep up the fight to expand protections in cities and states around the country, from New England to California. 

When it comes to Congress and the Trump administration, we'll work with our champs in the Senate and the House to stop efforts to undermine key protections like the Clean Water Rule and landmark laws like the Clean Air Act. We'll secure as many safeguards as we can during the last two months of the Obama administration. And we’re going to organize across the country, working with our members, our partners, and allies.

While the results weren’t all that we wanted, I know that we’ll be back as determined as ever, working to hold the line in Washington and advance new protections elsewhere around the country.

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