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Election Day 2016 Live Blog

Update, 11/9 12:04 pm (est): Make a donation to make sure we have the resources we need to protect clean water and act on climate here.

Update, 11/9 12:03 pm (est): Get involved. Pledge to join us to stand up for our water and climate here.

Update, 11/9 11:30 am (est): Our statement on President-Elect Donald Trump is here.

Update, 11/9 2:04 am (est): Pennsylvania has been called for Donald Trump. This will be our last update of the night.

Update, 11/9, 12:04 am (est): Josh Shaprio becomes Pennsylvania's next Attorney General

Update, 11:52 pm (est): More 100% champs reelected to Congress tonight.

Update, 11:27 pm (est): New England is full of champs.

Update. 11:02 pm (est): They have only called California, but let's put the whole west coast in the Hillary column.

Update, 10:50 pm (est): Hillary wins Colorado!

Update, 10:30 pm (est): Hillary wins Virginia!

Update, 9:45 pm (est): Connecticut is for Hillary!

Update, 9:33 pm (est): It's looking good for Question 6 in Rhode Island, the Green Economy Bond to provide $35M investment in environment & economy, up 67%-33% with 91% of precincts reporting.

Update, 9:10 pm (est): Another live look-in at Clean Water HQ. Waiting.

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Update, 8:55 pm (est): A note from our Michigan Director, Nic Clark. "Great job everyone! I'm so proud of our work together this cycle - over 100,000 doors in the last several weeks!

Tremendous effort all the way around. You gave it your all and left it all in the field. Whatever the results may bring we can hang our hat on the fact that we pulled together to run the largest and most sophisticated State House election canvass operation in the history of the Great Lakes State - and I think you'll all agree we are continuing to get better at it!

Hats off to the phone canvass, our office managers, all of the financial & comms teams, and Bob & Kathy as well - truly a team effort!

The core elections team: Joe, Emily, Sean & Clay - Thank you for all the late nights, early mornings, weekends and everything in between. Thanks for the taking on the last minute challenges, the endless tracking  docs, flat tires, broken iPods, and Mayday phone calls from me. You guys made it happen!"

Update, 8:46 pm (est): Rhode Island for Hillary!

Update, 8:35 pm (est): Two updates:

  • We are headed to a clean energy in Florida where it appears that Amendment 1 - the misleading question that would've stufled solar development - will fall short of the 60% of votes required to pass.
  • Tammy Duckworth will be the next Senator for Illinois & that brings us another step toward a majority in the Senate that actually believes in climate change.

Update, 8:27 pm (est): Live look-in at Clean WaterHQ while waiting on Virginia and Pennsylvania. Keeping it copacetic

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Update, 8:17 pm (est): Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey Vermont all for Hillary.

Update, 8:12 pm (est): Results coming in. We're totally holding it together.

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Update, 6:36 pm: The waiting game

Waiting is the hardest part

Update, 5:52 pm (est): Dispatch from our team in Maryland:

Update, 5:30 pm (est): First polls close in 30 minutes. We're totally ok here at Clean Water Central. Totally.

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Update, 4:49 pm (est): For everyone in CA, kill the bags with a YES on 67.

Update, 4:35 pm (est):

Despite occasional divisions, the labor movement and the environmental movement have never shared a greater unity of purpose than we do now – serving as a check on corporate political power and looking out for the common good. And when some labor unions have put short-term jobs ahead of what’s right for our planet, other unions have stepped up their calls for environmental justice.

This year we’re proud to not only be endorsing many of the same candidates as our allies in organized labor, but to also be endorsing candidates who come straight from the labor movement.

Here’s a partial list:

Tom Wakely, United States Congress, TX-21

Tom is a former Texas Farmworkers Union and SEIU organizer, a graduate of the Chicago Theological Seminary, and a proven advocate for affordable housing. His campaign has centered on the dangers of climate change and the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Michael Notte, Michigan House of Representatives, HD 30

Michael spent 23 years working in the auto industry, and serves as the chair of UAW Local 889’s Community Action Program. He has a strong commitment to for pro-environment policies, including improving drinking and stormwater infrastructure- which is crucial for his district and for the health of the Clinton River, a large source of pollution into Lake St. Clair.

Paul Jacques, Massachusetts House of Representatives, 4th Bristol

Paul Jacques, a firefighter by trade, has worked with Clean Water Action in his role as legislative advocate at the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts in our campaigns to phase out toxic flame retardants. He has a deep commitment to public safety, public health and economic justice, and will be a great ally in the legislature.

Greg Casar, Austin City Council, District 4

Greg is a former organizer for Workers Defense Project who continues to lead efforts to improve wages and working conditions on the council. He is a champion for affordable housing, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods, renewable energy, and water conservation.

We are stronger together - NB

Update, 4:20 pm (est): In our earlier roundup of Clean Water ballot questions,  we forgot an important one - A NO vote on Amendment 1 in Florida, a misleading ballot question that was funded by large utilities to stifle solar production in Florida. Amendment 1 would pave the way for barriers that would penalize solar customers.

Update: 4:05 pm (est): If this doesn't move you..."This is Mat Thorp and Lynda Cokinos voting D.C. Proud. Growing up in D.C., Dad could not vote for President until after the 23rd Amendment so his first Presidential vote was 1964. For my first vote, he drove me to this very same polling place and said "I don't care what communist you vote for, just vote." (This was the 1970s, things were strange)  Today he walked up a big hill further than he has walked lately to make sure he cast that vote." - Lynn Thorp, National Campaigns Director

Mat Thorp - Voter

Update, 3:52 pm (est): Some more election day check-ins from Clean Water staff around the country:

Update, 3:12 pm (est):


Update, 2:50 pm (est):

Don't mess with Texas:


Update, 2:02 pm (est): An update from Andrew Grinberg, our National Campaigns Special Project Manager, on what is at stake for the environment in the fight for control of the Senate:

We are watching closely what happens in the numerous races that will determine which party controls the Senate. We know the stark differences between the environmental platforms of Clinton (the most progressive ever) and Trump (make pollution great again!), but which party controls the Senate will also have a huge impact on the environment. We have been getting out the vote in places like Pennsylvania and New Hampshire so that the Senate turns blue today.

Here’s why:

No matter who wins the Presidency, a Democratic Senate will surely be more pro-environment than a Republican one. In addition to the platforms of the candidates actually running for these seats, control of the Senate will determine the overall direction of Congress, influenced by who holds positions like Majority Leader and who chairs important committees, like Environment and Public Works, Energy and Natural Resources, and Appropriations. These committees and their chairs shape the agenda of the Senate, influence legislation and conduct investigations. It matters who leads them. Do we want a Senate (like the current Republican one) that is constantly voting to roll back protections of the Clean Water Act, challenging climate science and trying to stop EPA from doing its job? No, we need a Senate that is proactively working to solve climate change, protect drinking water and investigate big polluters and their criminal behavior.

The Supreme Court is also at stake and that has major ramifications for the environment. It may not be legal, but Republicans in the Senate have vowed to block any Clinton appointee to our highest court. Under a Trump presidency, a Republican Senate would likely approve whatever Justice is nominated, no matter how anti-environment they are, tipping the balance toward industry. Since polluters have challenged pretty much every environmental policy of the Obama Administration – from the Clean Power Plan to the Clean Water Rule to methane limits on the oil and gas industry – it is crucial that we have a functional court that is not stacked with friends of the fossil fuel industry. A Democratic Senate would be a huge step toward restoring order in the Supreme Court.

The stakes could not be higher. President Obama has advanced the most environmentally friendly set of policies we have ever seen, but they are on the line. A Republican Senate would continue to attack our best laws and most crucial protections. A Democratic one would continue to push forward the progress we have made over the last eight years.

Update, 1:53 pm (est): Minnesotans are polite, even on Election Day.

Update, 1:30 pm (est): What to do while waiting in line at the polls, part 2. Three words - Rick. Astley. Karaoke.

Update, 1:15pm (est): First Trump lawsuit of the day -  it's going to be a long day.

Update, 1:05 pm (est): Clean Water's first pant suit joke of the day. Plus Brent Bolin votes early.

Update, 12:55 pm (est): What to do while waiting in a long line at the polls, part 1.

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Update, 12:45 pm (est): Another Clean Water Voter. This time Andrew Grinberg. The Game of Thrones reference - pretty apt.


Update, 12:35 pm (est): Chia Hillary, prepping to bloom.

My #hilaryclinton #chiapet is prepping for the election. She is ready for anything. Thanks @ericajwiley. #imwithher by @lauren_mcgowan0803

Update, 12:20 pm (est): Our Massachusetts organizer Sarah and her son (future clean water voter!) at the polls.


Update: 12:06 pm (est): Poll lines are long. Get out there as early as you can.

Update 11:05 am (est): "It is a cool feeling." - a text from Michelle Beaudin, our Regional Canvass Supervisor

It's a cool feeling - #WithHer

Update, 10:50 am (est): In case you needed a reminder about Donald Trump's water policy:

Update, 10:27 am (est): Cassi, Adam, and Steve from our Pittsburgh office - Clean Water Voters.

Update, 10:10 am (est) - Washington State is all-mail in ballots. It's super easy - you can take your time with the ballot and research all of the issues. Even though all-mail in is the best way to vote, I miss the "I Voted" stickers. - MK

Don't mind if I do. #WithHer by @michaeledkelly

Update, 9:55am (est):  In addition to supporting candidates up and down the ballot - from Drain Commissioner (yes, that’s a thing) to President - Clean Water Action has also been contacting members to let them know about these very important ballot questions that will make a difference for the environment:

In California, we are taking on the plastic industry and fighting to preserve California’s groundbreaking law to ban single-use plastic bags. Voting “YES” on proposition 67 will uphold California’s single-use plastic bag ban against these challenges by big plastic. It’s also important to vote “NO” on proposition 65. It is a confusing measure put on the ballot by big plastic, which would supposedly divert funds raised from the sale of plastic bags to an environmental fund. Legal opinions differ, but there is some risk that if proposition 65 passes, it could pave the way for legal challenges to proposition 67, by effectively turning proposition 67 into a tax on single-use plastic bags.

In Austin, Texas, we are FOR Proposition 1 for safer roads and more mobility choices for Austin. It contains the largest proposed investment in active transportation in the history of the city – $37.5 million for sidewalks, $27.5 million for Safe Routes to School, $26 million for urban trails, and $20 million for bikeways. Improvements to major roadways – the corridors – include adding separate sidewalks and bikeways, better bus stops, landscaped medians, and the use of smart technologies.

In Massachusetts, along with environmental, public health groups and the United Farmworkers, we support a YES Vote on Question 3, which would would prohibit restrictive confinement of farm animals and reduce the environmental impact of farming.

Also in Massachusetts, we support the Community Preservation Act and has endorsed the YES on 5 - Boston campaign. CPA uses a small municipal property tax surcharge - with exemptions for low-income elders - to fund affordable housing, parks and greenspace, and mitigate water pollution and climate change impacts.

In Rhode Island, we support a YES vote on Question 6, the Green Economy Bond, which will provide Rhode Island cities and towns with a $35 million investment in our environment and our economy. These investments mean new water quality protections, open space preservation, recreational opportunities, and bike path expansion. - NB

Update, 9:41 am (est): Sarah from our financial office happy to vote for Clean Water candidates in Michigan!

Sarah Carter, Clean Water Action Financial Office

Update: 9:07 am (est): Polls are open west to Nevada. California and Idaho are next. Washington and Oregon ballots are due by 8pm tonight.

Update, 8:55 am (est): Some of our key endorsements from around the country:

Update. 8:26 am (est): Check out the Clean Water Voter Guide and our Congressional Scorecard before you go to the polls.

Update, 8:14 am (est): Polls are open from Maine to Florida and west to Oklahoma. Find your polling place here. - MK

Hello! Welcome to the Clean Water Election Day 2016 Live Blog. We'll update this space all day with info about the election, what we're hearing when we go to the polls, and more so come back. And, in the meantime - Be a Clean Water Voter.