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Count Fracula or Dr. Frackenstein's Monster?

We work on serious things at Clean Water. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t stop to have some fun, especially around Halloween. And that got me thinking — if the fracking industry was a classic monster, who would it be? Can you support us with a gift today?Count Fracula? The Creature from the Frack Lagoon? The Fractom of the Opera? Or maybe Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? The public face of the industry is Dr. Jekyll. Friendly and reassuring, they explain how property-owners can make money by selling their mineral resources, and they tell states and communities that fracking will be a boon to the economy. But, when it’s too late, Mr. Hyde emerges and we see the industry evade taxes, and fight communities who try to enact common-sense zoning guidelines. Can you join us today and help us figure out the antidote to keep Mr. Hyde from coming back? On second thought, maybe the fracking industry is Frankenstein’s monster. The monster runs amok despite his creator, Dr. Frankenstein, wishing he could be stopped. In too many states, cities, and towns, politicians have acted like Dr. Frankenstein, setting up lax regulations on fracking that allow the industry to wreak havoc on our air, water, and communities. Can you help us tame the monster with a contribution today? Joking aside, the oil and gas industry is powerful. They’ve dominated the discussion around fracking, and that’s led to policies that put Big Oil and Gas and their profits ahead of our health, our communities, and our water. We’re ready to challenge them all year long – even on Halloween – but we need your help. Will you support us with a gift today? Have a safe and fun Halloween!