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Exposing Drinking Water Threats from Oil & Gas Activities

We’re honored to have a feature article on Aquifer Exemptions in the most recent Journal of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). AWWA is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water and Journal AWWA is widely read in the world of drinking water.

Aquifer Exemptions are a little-known provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act that allow potential underground sources of drinking water to be removed from the Act’s protections and used for oil and gas extraction or waste disposal. Our Aquifer Exemptions report, released in January, outlines troubling problems with implementation of this program.

Since our research on Aquifer Exemptions began, we have been troubled by how “under the radar” this program is, and have wanted to ensure that drinking water professionals are aware of this potential threat to drinking water sources. Our article, Aquifer Exemptions: Program Overview and Emerging Concerns in the latest issue of Journal AWWA is a great way to reach these drinking water professionals. The Safe Drinking Water Act’s Underground Injection Control Program (UIC) is intended to protect underground sources of drinking water. It’s often referred to as the least-known part the Act. Our work on the UIC program and Aquifer Exemptions is meant to change that dynamic, and to fix problems that are leaving drinking water at risk.

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