NEW Report: Oil Industry waste disposal into unlined pits threatens California's water and air

In the Pits - Oil and Gas Wastewater Disposal into Open Unlined Pits and the Threat to California’s Water and AirClean Water Action has released a new report exposing the threats to air and water from oil wastewater disposal into open-air and unlined pits. Across the Central Valley of California, already the home of severe water shortages, degraded groundwater and the worst air quality in the country, Big Oil is dumping wastewater containing a mixture of harmful chemicals, including volatile organic compounds and heavy metals, into unlined and open-air pits. These pits are designed both to percolate the toxic wastewater into the ground and evaporate it into the air. California water and air regulators have allowed this form of waste disposal despite the fact that they are aware that many of these operations have inadequate and severely out of date permits, and that some are creating huge underground plumes of wastewater that threaten nearby drinking and irrigation water.

Clean Water Wins on Election Day!

Election day was pretty good for clean water and a healthy environment in Maryland.

Although our endorsed candidate for Governor, Anthony Brown, did not come out on top, Clean Water helped elect environmental champion, Brian Frosh the new Attorney General, and 60 of the 70 Clean Water endorsed candidates won their races.

Putting Drinking Water First #2: The Definition of Waters of the US Under the Clean Water Act

Putting Drinking Water First

The Definition of Waters of the U.S. Under the Clean Water Act - Read the report
  • We can’t all live upstream: Smaller water bodies are connected to larger water bodies downstream.
  • Natural water infrastructure: Streams and wetlands play a vital role in healthy watersheds.
  • Protect drinking water:   Streams and wetlands affect drinking water quality and quantity.
Clean Water’s Putting Drinking Water First approach means making drinking water impacts a primary consideration when developing regulations and other programs involving upstream activities that can impact downstream drinking water sources.

This is the second in a series of white papers that illustarate the importance of Putting Drinking Water First. Read the first paper here.

Recent incidents of widespread drinking water service disruption have drawn attention to the importance of protecting drinking water sources from contamination.

5 Simple Things that Governor Tom Wolf can do for Pennsylvania’s Environment

In the last four years, Governor Corbett and the Pennsylvania House and Senate have made repeated attacks on environmental protection and sought to maximize the profits of the gas, oil and coal industries at the expense of Pennsylvania’s health and safety.

Your Vote is Your Voice - General Elections Endorsements in New Hampshire

Clean Water Action has endorsed Jeanne Shaheen for re-election to the US Senate and Annie Kuster for re-election to the US House of Representatives.

All three have 100% pro environment voting records on Clean Water Action’s recent legislative Scorecard.  Sen. Shaheen in particular has been a leader in pushing for more efficient use of energy to fight climate change, spearheading a bi-partisan bill to promote energy efficiency.

Pennsylvania General Election Endorsements

Please Vote on Tuesday, November 4
  • Tom Wolf
PA House of Representatives
  • District 148 – Mary Jo Daley
  • District 157 – Marian Moskowitz
  • District 161 – Leanne Kruger Braneky
  • Distict 163 – Vince Rongione
  • Distict 167 – Anne Crowley
PA State Senate
  • District 6 – Kimberly Rose
  • District 26 – John Kane
  • District 40 – Mark Aurand


Tom Wolf: As a board member for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Tom helped oversee the implementation of a campaign to educate residents about the negative impacts of upstream runoff. He also worked with the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper on various efforts to protect the watershed and participated in the Codorus Creek cleanup. As Governor, Tom will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy alternatives to provide local jobs, and target education dollars toward the development of a green jobs training program. Tom will also support legislation to protect our state forests and parks so that future generations will have the same opportunity to explore and enjoy Pennsylvania’s natural beauty.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

2014 Texas Endorsements

Why Wendy Davis is Clean Water Action’s 
Choice for Governor:

Here’s what’s at stake in the upcoming governor’s election. If Texas chooses Greg Abbott as governor, Texas will continue along a pathway where politics and ideology trump science. On the other hand, with Wendy Davis as Governor, Texas will finally have a leader who puts public health and the environment above the interest of well-heeled polluters.

Abbott’s recent letter threatening to sue the EPA for its plan to strengthen protections for drinking water sources betrays a long and troubling pattern.

New Jersey Currents - Fall 2014

New Jersey Currents

Fall 2014 Edition 

Climate Change, Water, and Jobs

On September 21, Clean Water Action joined more than 400,000 people in New York City for the largest climate march in history, the People’s Climate March. “Climate change is water change,” says Clean Water Action’s New Jersey Director, Amy Goldsmith, “and if we want clean water for our future, we have to take action on climate now.”

When Congress first passed the 1972 Clean Water Act, it was with the understanding that all streams and wetlands can impact the biological, physical and chemical integrity of larger downstream waters. But starting in 2001, polluter-friendly court decisions and the agency actions that followed stripped away longstanding Clean Water Act protections, leaving critical resources vulnerable to pollution and destruction. We’re taking action here - you can too. Read more 

Michigan Currents - Fall 2014

Michigan Currents

Fall 2014 Edition 

On the Environment: Snyder Fails

Clean Water Action’s scorecard for Gov. Rick Snyder’s first term highlights his failure to safeguard Michigan’s environment. “As someone who just wants to have their water and drink it too,” says Clean Water Action’s Denny Green, “the Governor couldn’t have done much worse on the environment if he’d tried.”

Gov. Snyder received a failing grade based on actions he took (or failed to take) on fourteen different bills, coming up on the wrong side twelve times. “This subpar performance, nearly a 90% rate of failure, is shameful for the governor of a state literally defined by its Great Lakes,” Green says. Read more

VIDEO: Clean Water Action and Sierra Club Endorsements in Rhode Island

On Friday, October 17th Clean Water Action and Sierra Club officially announced endorsements in the 2014 General Election in Rhode Island. Learn more about our endorsements here.

Watch the Videos below!

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