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Hold Your State Legislators Accountable!


Our state legislators betrayed their oath to preserve the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment when they voted to reopen our state forests and open our state parks for natural gas leasing as part of the budget.

Tell Your Senators: Protect Our Water

Tell Our Senators: Protect Our WaterThe Senate wants to silence you and make it impossible for the Obama administration to protect clean water – all at the same time.

The Senate will soon allow votes on a bunch of dirty water amendments to spending bills. One of these amendments would stop the Administration from finalizing the proposal to restore protections to nearly 20 million acres of wetlands and half the nation’s streams. More than 200,000 people have already said they support of these protections and hundreds more submit comments every day. We can’t let this undemocratic, dirty water amendment pass – tell the Senate that you won’t be silenced.

Help Conserve Water in Colorado

Water is our most precious resource, and we need to do everything we can to conserve the water we have.  Everyone – homeowners, renters, business, Government – everyone needs to do their part. Right now farmers and ranchers are ready to join in. They just need Governor Hickenlooper to help them out. Ask the Governor to support farmers’ and ranchers’ efforts to conserve Colorado Water – visit this page.

Stand Up for Strong Rules on Carbon Pollution!

#ActOnClimateThe Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments on whether to close the loopholes that allow corporations and big polluters to dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution from power plants into our air. This same pollution is already having devastating effects on water from Chesapeake Bay to the Great Lakes to the Colorado River and is putting our agricultural and tourism industries at risk.

Click here to submit your comment today!

Time for More Solar in Michigan - Take Action!

Michigan currently has the opportunity to be a national leader in transitioning our energy production toward a sustainable future and solar power is a tremendous untapped resource. It can reduce the demand on polluting power plants and create local jobs, all while protecting our Great Lakes.Tell Governor Snyder and the MPSC to harness the power of solar!

Take Action for Sustainable Water Funding

The entire state of California is suffering from severe drought this year.  No one is immune to the need to conserve, but some areas are better prepared than others to weather the drought because they made investments in local water supplies – like recycled water, groundwater recharge, water conservation and stormwater capture. Take action to protect our water!   

Stop Plastic Pollution Now!

turtle_eating_plastic_bags.jpgYou can help stop micro- plastic pollution in inland and coastal waters today! Take action here.

Your state legislators need to hear from you about two important bills. SB 270 (Padilla and DeLeon) will eliminate single use plastic bags at grocery and retail stores and AB 1699 (Bloom) will end the use of micro-plastic beads in facial scrubs and personal care products.  Both plastic bags and micro-beads contribute to the increasing load of plastic pollution in inland and ocean waters throughout the world. This is your chance to help stop this pollution.

Learn more about what we're doing to stop plastic pollution here.

Protect Michigan's Water from Coal Ash!

Wate water at the Lansing Board of Water and Light

Waste water at the Lansing Board of Water & Light

A package of bills that would allow waste from industrial byproducts, like toxic coal ash, to be spread on farm fields, used as construction fill and under parking lots could be voted on soon. It’s a terrible idea and we need you to help us stop the bills. Join me and urgeyour representative, senator, and Governor Synder to oppose these dangerous bills.

Send your elected officials a message and tell them to protect Michigan’s waters

Respect that Planet. Stop the Pouch

Tell KRAFT - Dump the Pouch!Capri Sun maker KRAFT tells kids to “Respect the Pouch,” in one of their ad campaigns. We’re asking KRAFT to “Respect the Planet” and stop trashing the Earth with unrecyclable packaging waste. Take action today!

Did you know that an estimated 1.4 billion Capri Sun pouches are landfilled or littered each year in the United States?  Stacked end to end, that’s enough pouches to wrap around the Earth almost five times (121,527 miles). It’s nearly half-way to the moon!

Get Diesel Out of Oil and Gas Drilling - Take Action

frack operations - smaller.JPGOn February 11, 2014 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published final Permitting Guidance for Hydraulic Fracturing Oil and Gas Activities Using Diesel.  Clean Water Action has worked to ensure that the processes are in place to implement the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) where diesel is used in hydraulic fracturing oil and gas drilling, and this was a positive step.  We’re now urging EPA to move forward with a formal rulemaking process to make sure that proper permits can be issued in all states under SDWA’s Underground Injection Control Program, which is designed to protect underground sources of drinking water.

Click here to send a message to EPA today!

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