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Support the Toxic Free Kids Act

mother_and_baby_iStock_0.jpgTake Action now!

Children face serious health effects from chemical exposure. Knowing what is in the products our children use every day will help us make informed choices – it’s simple. Yet companies are allowed to hide dangerous chemicals in our kid’s toys, shampoo and clothing.

You should have a right to know if a toy or other product you are purchasing for a child has a toxic, priority chemical in it. Stand up for your right to know by sending a message today.

Protect Kids from Toxic Chemicals - Take Action

We need your help to protect kids from toxic chemicals!  You can help make sure our bill to identify chemicals of concern to children passes this session. Please call and email your legislators today!

Take action now!

We're running out of time to pass this vital bill. The Chemical and Toy industries spent a lot of money to oppose a common sense bill to identify chemicals of concern to children and a similar bill died in the House. The good news is that Senate Bill 126 can still move forward and become law – but only if both your legislators hear from you – even if you’ve contacted them before – send a message now!

Get Diesel Out of Oil and Gas Drilling - Take Action

frack operations - smaller.JPGOn February 11, 2014 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published final Permitting Guidance for Hydraulic Fracturing Oil and Gas Activities Using Diesel.  Clean Water Action has worked to ensure that the processes are in place to implement the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) where diesel is used in hydraulic fracturing oil and gas drilling, and this was a positive step.  We’re now urging EPA to move forward with a formal rulemaking process to make sure that proper permits can be issued in all states under SDWA’s Underground Injection Control Program, which is designed to protect underground sources of drinking water.

Click here to send a message to EPA today!

Protect our Health from Toxic Chemicals

Support "An Act for Healthy Families and Businesses"An Act for Healthy Families and Businesses, pending before the Massachusetts Legislature, will create a program to replace toxic chemicals in consumer products with safer alternatives wherever feasible. It builds upon the successful Toxics Use Reduction Act program, which has worked with businesses who use large volumes of hazardous chemicals for over 20 years to reduce their use and release of pollutants.

Send a message to your elected officials today!

Collecting Mercury Thermostats

Collecting Mercury ThermostatsWrite to Governor Chafee and ask him to direct the Department of Environmental Management to set ambitious goals for the collection and recycling of mercury thermostats!  This will hold manufacturers accountable for creating and distributing hazardous products in the past and will prevent future mercury contamination of our waterways and fish populations. 

Click here to send a message to the Governor today!

What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Support SB 1014!How about a dusty bottle of aspirin that’s been in there since you can remember?  Or those unused pain pills that you were given after a medical procedure “just in case you needed them?”  Then there are those antibiotics that you just didn’t finish last time you were sick.

Help us get unused medication out of our waterways - click here to send a message today!

Tell EPA: Protect All Streams and Wetlands!

Submit Comments to EPA Today!The health of our nation’s rivers, lakes, and bays depends on the network of small streams and wetlands that flow into them. But many of these small streams and wetlands are now denied protection under the Clean Water Act and these vital water resources are vulnerable to pollution or destruction. Join your neighbors and thousands of Clean Water Action members today and tell the Administration to take action to protect all of our nation’s water.

Take Action to Support Clean Energy in Connecticut!

solarConnecticut has strong incentives and financing for clean energy, but through no fault of their own, most residents are unable to participate. Many of our communities are ill-suited for solar power due to tree cover or the direction the roofs face. Additionally, renters are left out as they lack property on which to install a clean energy system. Click here to send a message in support of HB 5412.

Take Action for a Time Out on Fracking!

SB 1132, introduced by Senators Holly Mitchell and Mark Leno, would put a moratorium on fracking, acidizing and other oil and gas well stimulation techniques in California. The bill would ensure that no fracking occurs while the state takes a hard look at the numerous risks that fracking poses to our water, air, health, climate and economy. It’s time to protect our communities and our water.

Click here to take action now. Tell your Senator to support SB 1132!

Tell DEP: We Need Better Oil and Gas Laws!

Polls by Muhlenberg College, University of Michigan, and Mercyhurst University show that like you, a majority of Pennsylvanians want to see stronger regulations on natural gas drilling enacted in order to protect our water and our health.  You have the opportunity to make that happen - Click here to send a message to DEP today!
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