Since our founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to the table.


Protecting America's Water

Everything we do puts stress on our precious water resources, which we rely on for drinking water and so many other critical uses.

Toxic chemicals used in making everyday products can end up in our drinking water, causing health concerns and requiring expensive treatment that raises the cost to consumers and communities. Our energy choices contribute to global climate change, which is very much about "water change." Our energy choices can also lead to water pollution-for example from mountaintop removal coal mining or hydraulic fracturing for natural gas exploration. Energy choices can also consume vast quantities of our limited water resources- for example nuclear power or production of corn ethanol. Read more

Oil & Gas Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing

New or "unconventional"  oil and gas drilling methods, including hydraulic fracturing (or fracking, for short) are causing increasing concern about impacts on water, air quality and communities. The oil and gas industry enjoys billions of dollars in federal subsidies each year, and yet their activities have occurred largely out of th limelight and often exempt from federal environmental and health protections.  Clean Water Action is working to make sure that oil and gas plays by the rules and to expose the risky practices involved in the lifecycle of oil and gas production in Washington DC and in states where the impacts are being felt, including California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas. Read more

Climate Change

There is unprecedented scientific consensus that climate change is real, present and caused by human activity. The International Panel on Climate Change warns that, without intervention, temperatures may increase more than 10°F by the end of this century. As the world grows hotter, water resources will become scarcer and more seasonal. Increasingly frequent heat waves will be accompanied by intense storms, dangerous floods and severe drought.

As the President said in June 2013, we "don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society". We couldn't agree more. President Obama also asked if we have "the courage to act before it's too late". We think we do and that's why Clean Water Action and our million members are committed to working with the President, with Congress and State Legislatures...with anyone who is willing to join us to combat climate change before it's too late. Read more

Toxic Chemicals

We are repeatedly and regularly exposed to toxic chemicals with the potential to seriously harm our health. Toxic chemicals can be found in our homes, schools and workplaces – in products we use on a daily basis. Clean Water Action is working on the state and the federal level to modernize our toxic chemical llaws and working with people nationwide to hold polluters accountable and engage our elected officials. Read more

Democracy, Elections, and Voting

Clean Water Action builds grassroots strength in key states and communities to change politics and environmental policy in states, local communities and Washington, DC. Our door-to-door campaigns educate the public and promote grassroots power while training the next generation of environmental leaders. Read more